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Custom Embroidery Designs

Your Design On Your Vest!

We can convert logos, artwork into an embroidery design used for our embroidery machines. Our fast, reliable and high quality digitizing service is available for organizations, clubs, and business. Email  with your design in EPS, Ai, TIFF, JPG or PNG format and request a quote. We will get back to you within 2-business days .

Our Digitizer

Equipped with the latest technologies (computer, digitizing software, digitizer tablet, Corel and Adobe softwares, etc.) in embroidery digitizing, our digitizer has over 15 years of experience in the digitizing industry. She is excellent in using embroidery digitizing software, and knows how to properly digitize a design based on different factors such as fabrics, textures, threads and sizes to ensure the best quality possible. Furthermore, what makes her really stand out is, she has an artistic vision and works with passion.

The designs shown on our samples page are properties of respective firms and are protected from copyright infringements. You are invited to view the images showing the range of our work, however, copying any design on our website is forbidden.

By submitting files for quotes or digitizing you agree that you are authorizing to work with or duplicate your logo on your behalf for use  on merchandise that you or your affiliates may purchase. Your logo or any part of your logo will never be duplicated, sold or otherwise given to any third party for any use other than for use on merchandise ordered by the owner of the original logo. uses in house design personel so your files are never given to any third party vendors. If you submit files and do not order merchandise your files will be deleted. If you do not agree with any of these terms regarding file usage then please do not submit any files.

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